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Set SMART Goals, Track Progress, Overcome Obstacles, Create Roadmap, and Achieve Success

CRUSH YOUR GOALS” this book is about helping people who desire to excel in their personal and professional life but could not find a way to start their dream journey. This book will definitely pave the way providing the big dreamers with practical strategies for setting and reaching their goals. It is a fact that goals are the endpoints of anyone’s vision.

Many might have ever set a goal for themselves but struggled to achieve it. Lacked motivation or didn’t know where to start may be the reason behind it. Whatever the reason, the frustration of not achieving their goals can be overwhelming. But success and failure are part and parcel of life. When there is a will, there is a way. 

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GROWTH MINDSET BLUEPRINT: Cultivating Self Awareness, Identifying and Overcoming Limiting Beliefs, Building Resilience and, Achieving Continuous Success.

The power of a growth mindset is explored in this masterpiece “Growth Mindset Blueprint,” examining how beliefs, attitudes, and thought patterns significantly influence behavior, well-being, and success in various aspects of life. The book introduces the concept of mindset, dividing it into fixed and growth mindsets with the former believing abilities and intelligence are unchangeable and the latter embracing the idea that abilities can be developed through effort and learning. It delves into the impact of mindset on neural pathways, the brain’s ability to change and adapt, and how cultivating a growth mindset reshapes thinking patterns.

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This is really nice book with quality and updated content. I personally fell this boom is a combo of Think and grow rich by Nepoleon Hill + The Secret book by Rhonda Byrne. However author had try to explain about goals and success with various example which I like the most. Overall I can say by following this book and with proper plan of action can leads this young generation towards success.

Few days before I bought this book and start reading it. Honestly this is a excellent book for all age catagories. Each and every steps were described very clearly and systematically. I just want to suggest "don't think .. Just buy it " The price of the book is less than 1 $. If you want to achieve your 🎯target, it will definitely helpful to u.
Dilip Kumar
Really worth buying as it serves as a guide for career and goals in life. Step by step process how to ace the goal ☺️.

Dr AK Khanda

Dr. Arun Kumar Khanda, a luminary of the literary realm, stands as a testament to profound authorship, adorning the realms of both Odia and the English language with unparalleled brilliance. With his prolific pen, he has composed an astounding repertoire of twelve opulent tomes, spanning the spectrum of short stories, profound literary criticism, resplendent poems, and insightful self-help literature. Each stroke of his literary prowess bears witness to his unwavering dedication, effortlessly weaving enchantment into every written creation.

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