How Moon is essential for the earth and know more amazing facts?

Moon is a natural satellite like a ball of hard rocks that revolves around the planet Earth. Unlike our home planet, it is unsuitable for the habitation, of living beings as the moon has no air or water.

The surface is fortified with craters of volcanic eruptions and has a gravity of 0.17. It takes 27days,4 hours, and 43minutes to complete one round around the planet. The natural satellite is about 240,000 miles away from earth and its estimated age is about 4.5 billion years. On a clear night, you can able to see the splash marks circling one of the moon’s craters without a telescope. In spite of its rocky structure, it controls and influences many things on the earth.

How it is originated?:

The origin of this natural satellite is still a mystery. The established notion says the satellite originated from a cosmic collision of earth with mars size object 4.5 billion years ago shortly after our mother Earth is formed and it took years together to get present form.

What is proposed by the new theory?

Researchers of the institutes for Computational Cosmology at Durham University, England have developed a supercomputer simulation model to study the origin of the moon 4.5 billion years back.

The simulations were developed to run a hundred collisions from a different point of view. The violent collisions at different angles, speeds, motions, and spin of the planet, and masses of the colliding objects were observed.

The observation exhibited that the moon was created within hours when the material from Earth and Thela ( a mars size object)displaced so fast directly into orbit after violent cosmic events.

The study further noted that when the traditional notion says the origin of the moon from the debris of the early Earth by a violent collision, such an experimental model fails to explain the similar isotopic composition of the earth and lunar rocks.

The findings of the research were published in Astrophysical Journal Letters. The researchers further propose that the new simulation could explain other unsolved puzzles like the moon’s tilted orbit away from Earth’s equator.

Model views of the proposed new theory about the origin of the moon

How Moon is essential for the Earth?

Both the Earth and its only one natural satellite are very closely associated with each other and complement each other in more than one way. Major happenings on earth seen due to the moon include its light, high and low tides, lunar eclipse, gravity/gravitational force, etc.


The pleasant moonlight gives the herbs and plants medicinal ingredients or ausadhi, which earns its name ausodhisa, which means lord of the ausadhi in Indian mythology. In Ayurveda, herbs and plants are used as raw materials for the preparation of ayurvedic medicines. Without the moonlight, ayurvedic medicinal preparation shall be affected.

It gives aesthetic and romantic feelings to humans. The love birds become more romantic under the pleasant light of the clear sky.

The poets and writers are being influenced by the moon since immemorial times and have written award-winning, heart-touching, mind-blowing, and soul-pleasing beautiful poems, lyrics, stories, and novels. Millions of people around the globe enjoyed the literature with happiness and heart dancing to the tune of the lyrics.

The moon appears to change shape from one night to the next, due to its movement around the earth, as the same side always faces the earth. We see the different shapes of the moon as the reflection of sunlight on it changes. When the side facing turned away from the sun, you can not see it anymore, whereas when it turned completely toward the sun we can see the full moon.

In every language and cultural heritage, you may find folklore connecting the moon including any mother’s favorite object to console her children.

You can’t find anyone who is not happy with earth’s natural satellite. It is a source of happiness and inspiration.

It is a natural phenomenon, that Lilly blossoms when the moon raises like lotus blossoms at Sunrise.

The nocturnal animal and birds enjoy the light to get prey comfortably leading to ecological balance.

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Gravitational force:

  • It is the gravitational force that binds both the earth and the satellite together. It is the lunar gravity that keeps the earth rotating around the axis causing day and night.
  • Due to the gravity of the moon, the earth is maintaining the due movement causing the existence of lives on earth. If the moon is removed from the orbit, then the earth shall be lost its balance causing its movement 3 to 4 times faster and the duration of day and night shall be reduced by 6 to 8 hours.
  • The season cycle shall be changed. High-velocity wind around 480 km/hour would be followed by high tidal flood, rain would destroy the creations within a few hours.


The tides are a natural phenomenon caused due to lunar gravitational pull on the earth’s surface. It is the gravity of the moon that bulge out the ocean water on both the closest and farthest sides of the moon. These bulges cause high tides and the low points witness the low tides. These tides have many important economic and ecological impacts on the earth and human activities.

  1. Marini ecosystems are preserved due to the high tides and low tides.
  2. Weather circulation and monsoons are regulated.
  3. Pollution is controlled to a great extent.
  4. Ports and navigations are greatly managed.
  5. Fishing and harvesting on the sea.
  6. Distribution of marine resources.
  7. Fish and prawn farming on the coastal belt.
  8. Power generation from tidal waves.
  9. Harvesting salt.


Both solar and lunar eclipses are Natural phenomena but they give us many messages about life. A solar eclipse occurs when the moon takes its position in between the earth and the sun. However, a lunar eclipse happens when the earth passes directly between the sun and the moon.

Lunar eclipse/ image credit/

The eclipses give opportunities to scientists to study the events and people to observe the scenic events in planetariums. A lunar eclipse helps you to realize the truth of the realities of living beings. The events say nothing is permanent, love-lust, sorrow-happiness, and pity-anger are part of life.

Eclipses have a meaningful impact on spiritual life and astrology. It is believed that during eclipses many parts of selected herbs and plants known as banausadhi are collected for astrological and religious uses. Eclipses may be auspicious or inauspicious events for zodiac signs as per astrological calculations, that Indian philosophy believed.

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