What happens to our bodies in sleep?

Sleep is an integral part of our body and mind. Almost one-third of our time is spent in sleep. Then why do we need sleep? Human life is full of actions and action is the benchmark of an individual. Whatever job or work one practices, he has to take a break and wish for a nice sleep. Sleep is necessary to restore energy and freshness of tired limbs, organs, and tissues of one's body. The body has its own healing power. Sleep enables the body to get rid of toxic waste, and repair worn-out tissues and cells to restore the lost energy.Read More

How do we remember things? know more.

We remember things, because of our brain power. But how? Human brain is a powerhouse and controls everything, like what we see, think, talk, eat, speak, imagine, dream, remember, reason, etc. It is like a self-programmed computer system being controlled by our minds. Our brain is made up of a network of very fine cells called neurons or neuron cells. They send electrical signals to each other via strands and connect to each other at synapses or neuronal junction. Neurons are responsible for receiving sensory inputs from the external world and sending motor commands to our other organs. It is said that the human brain network has about 100 billion neurons and up to 10000 synapses. Read More

Are the molecules of all substances in motion?

A substance is nothing but a pure form of matter. It can’t be separated into any other kinds of matter by physical process. Every substance consists of very tiny particles, called molecules. A molecule is the smallest part of matter that can exist independently and shows all the properties of that substance. What are molecules?...Read More

How is dust useful to us?

Every solid matter is composed of very fine particles. When these fine particles are scattered in the atmosphere, they become dust particles. Different human and natural activities contribute to the dust particles in the atmosphere. When solid breaks dust is formed. For example, during the construction of houses, roads, running of crusher units, solid matter like bricks, metal, and boulders is broken into small pieces and fine particles of dust formed. Smoke generated by the burning of fossil fuels like petrol, diesel, coal, and wood also produces dustRead More

What are Volcanoes? Know Some Amazing Facts.

Volcanoes are wonderful gifts of nature and architectural marvels on earth. Volcanoes not only create curiosity in the minds of nature lovers but create havoc in millions also. The word Volcano derives from the name Vulcano, a volcanic Island in the Aelian Island of Italy, which ultimately derives its name from the Roman God of fire Vulcan. Read More

What is the atmosphere? know more.

Our atmosphere most probably evolved from gases spewed out from early volcanos at the formation stages of the earth's surface. Oxygen is added further most likely by the process of photosynthesis for years together. The atmosphere extends from Earth's surface approximately till 400 miles where it touches space. It has a five layers structure of different characters, compositions, densities, and temperatures, etc. The layers from lowest to highest are the troposphere, stratosphere, mesosphere, thermosphere, and exosphereRead More

What do You Know About the Solar System?

The Sun is a star and the head of the solar family called the solar system. It appears bigger than his family members because it is nearer to our earth than other stars. What is the solar system? The Sun is a star and the head of the solar family called the solar system. It...Read More
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